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Revision Rhinoplasty

Every year we get several patients operated elsewhere with unsatisfactory results the cases below show some of the complications and results of revision surgery

This young lady had a crocked nose with severely deviated nose. A septoplasty operation was done at Bhopal, which failed to give her any relief in nasal blockage and produced nasal deformity in depressed nasal tip the external nasal deviation persisted.


She underwent a Revision Rhinoplasty, it was difficult because of previous operation a Rib cartilage was used to reconstruct septum,internal nasal valve  and support the Nasal dorsum.

Post operatively her nasal breathing and shape improved significantly

Post accidental nasal deformity and unsuccessful Rhinoplasty, Corrected by Revision Rhinoplasty

This young lady from Bihar had nasal deformity after an accident, she underwent Rhinoplasty
operation in Patna which failed to improve her nasal breathing and also the nasal shape became more disfigured. She did not want to face friends and relatives and was confined to home for several
months 9 months post Revision Rhinoplasty she shares her experience

This young lady had a Rhinoplasty in Haryana, the results were not good, so the doctor did Revision Rhinoplasty after about 6 weeks and this proved to be disaster.


The basic principle of Revision Rhinoplasty is it should be done only when tissue healing is complete except for some cases of graft adjustment or minor procedure, and it is advisable to wait for 9 months to a year before Revision Rhinoplasty. First chance is best chance and revision surgery is always a compromise that’s importance of selecting Experienced Rhinoplasty surgeon, a cheaper option may prove out to be more expensive.

In this case there was sever scarring and damage to skin and it was technically challenging very difficult but after a 4 hour marathon surgery we manage to get acceptable result using rib cartilage for reconstruction. She lives in Australia and 3 years later she visited to our clinic in Indore for follow up examination and sharing her experience.

This young doctor had a Septoplasty and Rhinoplasty in J&K 10 years back, she had a Supra tip Saddle Nose deformity and also had problems in Nasal breathing. A revision Septoplasty and Rhinoplasty was done to improve her breathing and the saddle nose deformity was corrected by reconstructing the nose by cartilages taken form both of her ears 3 months later she shares her

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