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How much does Rhinoplasty cost? Can I have a cheap Rhinoplasty?

India is an extremely price sensitive market (something you can see from the discounting wars of e-commerce companies). Due to improved economic conditions, people have started thinking about aesthetic surgery as an option. Every day I get several inquires about Rhinoplasty the first thing they ask is — How much it is going to cost?

Rhinoplasty or a Nose job is quite different from most cosmetic surgery — while it’s easy to give a price quote for standard procedures like a face lift, Blephroplasty or Botox Injections, it is difficult to for Nose as the actual cost is determined by a lot of Nuances.

What you have to understand and what I have tried to explain to many of the people who call me are that noses are like finger prints no two noses are the same so obviously the procedure needs to be customised to individual patients hence, there cannot be a standard cost. Rhinoplasty is as much art as it is science.

“The best Rhinoplasty surgeon are artists — they are capable of combining the logic, step by step left brain thinking required with most surgeries with the artistic right brain skills required to create a beautiful nose. Experience, time in the operating room, complexity and sometimes even the surgeon’s reputation does not always produce beautiful noses. It is similar to asking the question how much does an artist’s painting cost, The cost of paint, brush, canvas is the same but a Da Vinci painting and one by an art student is not the same “

Compare apples with apples — compare the surgeons qualification experience and previous work, now it is really difficult as an occasional surgeon who operates all surgeries from Head to toe and also does Rhinoplasty and a super specialist who has been doing mainly nose job for many years with hundreds of cases and has an international reputation. Make sure you are comparing the cost of two surgeon of the same stature.

Customers are so used to Online shopping and they make a comparison the price tag and not on the surgeon. A few things to look out for — many doctors who want to build a practice quote a very low rate to attract patients many get allured by the cost. Many general cosmetic surgeons (who are otherwise good surgeons) do not want to lose a case of Rhinoplasty and quote a low price. Lucky patients get improved, some people are satisfied with even minor improvement and so in the initial stages it seems like a win-win situation for the patient and the practitioner.

However, the swelling over the nose goes in several months and the real results and irregularities start appearing and then there is no going back and the patient has to live with the new reality.

My advice to all people looking for a nose job is that although you may buy a television from a vendor who sells it to you at the cheapest price. It may not be a good idea to have a Nose Job from the cheapest surgeon — you might end up having to pay a lot more for it later. You can see the section on Revision Rhinoplasty on my website to find out more.

Most people post their best results on their website, but if you observe carefully, the fine difference can be noticed, many post early results which are not a true representation as the results dramatically changes after the initial swelling goes off. So be careful if you see swollen noses on website and during consultation.

Ask your surgeon How many Rhinoplasties he does in a year — a minimum 35 cases a year I think — are required to maintain the fine skill level. You will be surprised very few surgeons do even this minimum number

Is Rhinoplasty only for the well off?

To some extent like any other cosmetic surgery you should be able to afford it ,but Rhinoplasty has another angle the functional where there is breathing difficulty along with deformed nose ,and we try to help these patient.

The average cost of Rhinoplasty at Akash Hospital, Indore ranges from INR 65,000 to 2,50,000 ($800 TO $3000), the cost in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore centres is about 50% higher depending on the hospital and class chosen by the patient

How can I have a Rhinoplasty on a low-budget

Recently I had a customer who wanted a revision Nose Job by me which she could afford but to some extent. I offered to her that every year we do training courses for Doctors where we teach them Rhinoplasty procedures, the patients get full care from great surgeons but in these workshop we give discount to the patients, many patients wait for these courses, she agreed to wait till our next course in September 2018.

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