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Hump/Big Nose: Why it happens and How we correct it

With my patients a straight nose is the most preferred choice but sometimes a small (or large) bump in mid-dorsum Makes it looks like a hump

A bump in mid dorsum of the nose
Hump Nose

What is the Nasal Dorsum?

The nasal dorsum connects the tip of the nose to the face; it is what is commonly referred to as the “bridge”. When there is a hump in the upper region, it is probably made up of bone, while in the lower area; it will more likely consist of cartilage. Often, though, the hump will be a combination of cartilage and excess bone.

Why is the cause of the 'hump'?

Although trauma sustained during the birthing experience as well as injury to the nose later in life are common causes for the dorsal hump, the main contributing factor is genetics.

It can be only a visible dorsal prominent (i.e. only aesthetic) or associated with deviated nasal septum with breathing problem - which is usually misdirected growth of the Nasal septum, pushing the Nasal bones out appearing as hump.

What happens in Nasal hump corrective surgery?

The dorsum is carefully evaluated. Most dorsal humps consist primarily of cartilage with a bony component. Hump excision can be performed using various techniques:

  • Rasping alone can be used to address small bony humps.

  • Larger dorsal humps are usually excised a osteotome.

Recently Ultrasonic waves (Piezo surgery) has been introduced for bony hump reduction and removing bony irregularities. Ultrasonic waves offer great precision in removing humps and have revolutionised the Rhinoplasty surgery.

After Hump removal the dorsum becomes wide and it is narrowed by osteotomies, and the mid vault is reconstructed by using spreader grafts or flap to avoid the inverted ‘v ‘deformity.

A new emerging concept is the "preservation of dorsum" technique where a piece of septal cartilage pushing the dorsum is removed from inside the nose and the hump is reduced by pushing it back, thus preserving the natural dorsum, some surgeons like to reconstruct back the mid vault after hump removal

Here are some examples of successful of corrective surgeries we have performed for Nasal Humps:

If you want to know more about Nasal Hump Removal or Akash Nose Clinic send us an email at or call us at +919926564080.

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