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Patient Story: 3rd Revision Rhinoplasty

We operated on this young lady lives in Australia about 2 years ago. We were very glad she came to visit our clinic today to say thanks.

She has quite a story

She probably had a deviated nasal septum for which she underwent septo-rhinoplasty elsewhere since the results were not satisfactory they visited the same Rhinoplasty surgeon again who decided to do a revision 1 month after the first operation. The Revision Rhinoplasty was done using concha cartilage and was disastrous making her question why she had a nose job. They approached us 3 months later and we asked her to wait for about 9 months to a year after the operation for another revision surgery.

Finally she waited and travelled to Indore for a 3rd surgery. We explained the limitations and difficulty of the procedure procedure because of the Total Alar Collapse and Skin Cicatrization. We used rib cartilage to reconstruct the nose and Ala. 2 years later today she came with her husband to see us, we offered her a minor touch up procedure but she said she is very happy with the outcome and wants no more procedures.

For the young Rhinoplasty surgeons: Be careful not to accept revision cases till tissue healing is complete.

For patients considering Revision Rhinoplasty go through my blog post detailing what you should be aware of:

Hear her story in her own words here:

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