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Paediatric Rhinoplasty

This is an excerpt from the talk given by Dr. Brajendra Baser on controversies and management challenges in Paediatric Septo-Rhinoplasty. The talk was broadcast online and had 450+ signups in addition to the attendees in the conference. If you want to be informed of future talks or have any questions follow us on

Grade 2 binder’s syndrome Nose deformity in a 13 year old girl is quite different from Grade 4 Binders where Septum is not developed. Here are the key points in Management

  1. Preserve the speheno-dorsal growth centre,

  2. Correct the foreshortening of caudal septum by Septal extension graft

  3. Osteotomies to narrow the dorsum

  4. Tip augmentation by lateral crural steal and on–lay peck graft

  5. Dorsal Augmentations with on-lay Concha

This way not only the deformity is improved, in future the growth can take normally and more skin cover is available should a revision Rhinoplasty be required at a later age

Fig 1: Foreshortening of the caudal septum is the key feature, septal extension graft

If you are interested in a Rhinoplasty or a Fellowship under Dr. Brajendra Baser please contact us at or whatsapp on

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