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Binder’s Syndrome Nose deformity: Rhinoplasty

Naso Maxillary Hypoplasia or Binders syndrome is an uncommon condition. It is a  congenital disease affecting the face. Also called Nasomaxillary hypoplasia or maxilla-facial dysplasia, the condition results in undergrowth of the central face and may include elements of the nose and upper jaw. Although we are a tertiary referral centre we get quite a few cases of Binders syndrome.

The primary physical characteristic of Binder Syndrome is a flat, underdeveloped midface (midfacial hypoplasia) and flattened nose associated with the absence of the anterior nasal spine that supports the nose in normal development. Your child may appear to have an underdeveloped upper jaw and facial imbalance.

The nasal deformity is characterised by a shortened columella and underdeveloped nasal bridge. The nostrils in children with Binder syndrome are characteristically comma-shaped and the bony tissue at the base of the columella (the anterior nasal spine) is absent.

Over the years we realised that the classic Binders with sever deformity is rare but the milder form with short coumella is fairly common. You can see pictures of my technique of correcting Nasal deformity in Hypo Plastic Nose that produces natural and stable results here:

In case you want to check out just how Rhinoplasty can change your life — go check out the pre and post operation photos on our website: and if you have any questions email me at

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