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Get the nose you want

*Limited: Low cost Rhinoplasty*

Our Locations

We have been operating centres in Mumbai & Indore and have recently opened a new centre in Delhi. 

Akash Hospital, Indore

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Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai

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About Dr. Baser

India's leading Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Dr. Baser is one of the first Rhinoplasty surgeons in India. He is the Founding Secretary of the Indian Society of Facial plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and has written 3 books that are used as Textbooks for Rhinoplasty in 20 countries.

Over the last 30 years he has popularised Rhinoplasty in India, he was the first to publish a book on Rhinoplasty specially for the Indian nose and has trained several young surgeons in the Art & Science of Rhinoplasty. He conducts training courses and over 1200 doctors from all over the world have attended his courses on Rhinoplasty

Our Guarantee

No Artificial Materials

Artificial materials are easy to use and the immediate results are excellent but in the long term complications are much higher with artificial implants such as silicone, gortex, proplast etc As a policy we do not use any artificial Implant in any of our patients.


As a specialist Rhinoplasty clinic we are referred many patients who have had an unsuccessful Rhinoplasty Surgery in the past. About 25% of our patients have had a failed Rhinoplasty before they come to us.

We are specialists in Revision or Corrective Rhinoplasty

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 Tel: +919516566397

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